Saker att göra nära Havstenssund

Det finns mycket att göra i området runt Havstenssund och Grebbestad. På Turistrådet Västsverige kan du hitta mängder av förslag på aktiviteter, matställen och var du kan övernatta. 

Här är Catxalots bästa tips:

  • Hyr en kajak eller följ med på en guidad tur - med Nautopp kayak center eller Skärgårdsidyllen, båda finns i Grebbestad.
  • Havstenssund - ta en promenad i den gamla fiskebyn där det nästan inte finns några butiker. Väldigt genuint. Catxalot arrangerar seafood activities together with the local oyster farm.
  • Lunch or dinner at restaurant Telegrafen or Grebys in Grebbestad.
  • Fjällbacka - the fishing village from Camilla Läckberg murder mystery and Ingrid Bergmans vaccation paradise, but so much more than that. Take a walk out to Badholmen and back, and then a cup of coffea at Café Bryggan.
  • Vitlycke rock carvings - an interesting world heritage with fascinating rock carvings.
  • Hiking and swimming on Hamburgö - take the ferry in Hamburgsund to a pastoral island with small roads. Swim at Vänd-Igen, Sjöviken or Boviken (great cliffs).
  • Koster Islands and Kosters Trädgårdar - a group of peaceful islands outside Strömstad. Eat at the organic Kosters Trädgårdar restaurant and admire their farming. Take a walk to the sculpure park nearby the restaurant and look at the magic hobbit house. Take the ferry to the north island and walk to Björnsängen and Norrvikarna. Book a organic cottage at Reservatet and listen to the sound of wind in the pines and look at the view for hours.
  • Seafood activities in the area
  • Greby Mejeri - Artisan dairy shop just outside Grebbestad, the north side. They make almost everything themselves. Try the fudge icecream, or the soft smoked seaweed cheese.
  • Bullaren - go into the deep woods with buns and coffea, or take a swim in the lake Bullaresjön. Berries and mushrooms.
  • Go hiking a stormy day. It is calm and magic in the woods. Maybe you will find mushrooms.
  • Väderöarna - take the ferry from Hamburgsund to these islands far away from land. Walk on the cliffs, go to the pilot lookout, enjoy the open sky and water, take a swim and eat at the restaurant. Also a hotel.
  • Hike or bike in Kville - Kville is a forgotten place, a beautiful, rural area with small farms, groves, meadows, gravel roads and cattle. Bring picnic.
  • Smögen - an old fishing village that still is the center for seafood. Very commercial but also picturesque if you walk away from the long jetty. Go for a walk on the cliffs out to Kleven and eat at Musselbaren restaurant or Skärets krog. Or bring picnic to the cliffs. Visit charming fish shop Göstas that also is a restaurant.
  • Rent a kayak in Hamburgsund and go out to Dannemark and Saltskärs kärring (if calm weather). Buy lunch from the fish shop in Hamburgsund.


Our recommendation were to sleep:

  • Everts sjöbod - a charming boathouse hotel 2 km from central Grebbestad.
  • Grebbestad hostel - central, nice and with low prices. Very nice owners. 
  • Tanumstrand - big resort hotel about 2 km from Grebbestad center. Open all year around. SPA, restaurant, gym etc. A nice walking path to Grebbestad goes along the seashore. Book a seaweed spa.
  • Villa Eva-Lotta - small charming hotel in central Fjällbacka. Offers massage and other spa treatments.
  • Stora Hotellet Bryggan - charming concept hotel with restaurant, in the middle of Fjällbacka.

How to get here

You find Caxalot right between Oslo, Norway and Gotheburg, Sweden. Travel options:

  • Fly to Oslo or Gothenburg. Rent a car and drive to Havstenssund (about 160 km).
  • Travel by train and bus from "Göteborg Central" to "Grebbestad busstation".
  • Take the bus from Oslo to Tanum were we can pick you up or you can book a taxi.
  • If you don´t have a car please contact us and we will try to pick you up in Grebbestad och Tanum Shoppingcenter/Tanum station-train station.