Seaweed products

We produce and sell seaweed products in our own online store and through retailers. We sell dried seaweed, various seaweed salts, seaweed spices, cosmetics with seaweed, seaweed guide etc.

Green seaweed salt
A finely ground light green salt with a mild taste of sea and forest. It fits almost everything: meat, fish, egg dishes, vegetables, butter, sauce and stews. Seaweed and wild garlic.

Dulse flakes
From Iceland. Can be used in and on desserts, such as panning, sauses, on pancakes, raw food balls, mayonnaise, on oysters and much more. Provides a taste of liquorice, currants and spinach.

Seaweed guide (under translation)
Simple and water resistant when-how-where guide describing how ten Nordic edible types of seaweeds are picked and cooked. Made of a special plastic paper, polyart, which is completely waterproof and recyclable according to category 2HDPE.

Seaweed poster
Poster with illustrations of 13 edible seaweed species in the Nordic region with Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English and Latin names. Printed on Munken Pure Rough 150 grams. The paper has a coated and sturdy yet soft surface in combination with a creamy shade that emphasizes the properties of the pictures. The expression's expression resembles an old school poster. Illustrations: Maj Persson.

Bohus furikake
Sprinkle of boiled rice, mashed potatoes, fry with fish, seafood, roasted roots, etc. Swedish sweet kelp, sesame seeds, tamari.

Whole pieces of wild Swedish kelp (Laminaria digitata). Yummu to wok and fry. Boil in a vegetable soup and mix. Soak quickly and fry as chips in oil. Make a broth on it.

Sweet kelp
Whole pieces of wild Swedish sweet kelp (Saccharina latissima). Soak for about 5-10 minutes. Good to wok and fry. Cut strips in a moules mariniéres. Use grounded in bread dough. Wrap around fish and grill. Or boil it and then dry it, and when you want to make a salad you just soak it until its soft.

Seaweed facial mask
Powder of bladderwrack/serrated wrack and french white kaolin clay. Mix with hot water, yogurt and honey. No preservatives or other additives.
Soothing, cleansing and moisturizing. (Draelos, 2013. Kim et. al., 2006. Joe et. al., 2006.)

From Iceland (Palmaria palmata). Use in desserts, as topping, fried, raw, marinated. As dried, it has a taste of licorice, currants and spinach. Very good together with chocolate. Can be used in ice cream and desserts. Cook for about 20 minutes in butter on low heat and it will taste the like bacon! Good on pizza with feta cheese. 

Black seaweed salt
A roasted / burned seaweed salt from Iceland. Sweet kelp (Saccharina latissima) and sea salt from Iceland. Use as table salt and in cooking. Good on avocado, eggs, tomato, fish and much more.

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