Catxalot arrange workshops, talks and walks about seaweed and shore plants for all who want to learn to harvest and use seafood. You find us in an old port warehouse in Havstenssund, an old duty station for salt.
Most of our events can be booked by companies and groups, such as birthdays, bachelor / bachelorette parties and kickoffs. Please contact us if you want to book.

Tångmagasinet, Sjövägen 60, Havstenssund. Det ligger i Södra hamnen, nära Skaldjurscaféet. Precis där Spången börjar som leder bort till badplatsen.
Tångmagasinet, Sjövägen 60, Havstenssund. Det ligger i Södra hamnen, nära Skaldjurscaféet. Precis där Spången börjar som leder bort till badplatsen.

Introduction for those who want to find and harvest seaweed in a sustainable way.
From the content: how to forage, how and where different varieties grow, harvest season, nutrients, tips on cooking. We also talk about the beach plants, oysters and mussels that we see along the way. The walk on the rocks ends with the fact that we cook tongs and cakes.
Bring your own fika scissors and bags as well as swimwear and snorkel equipment if there is a weather for a swim.
Time: about 2-3 hours.
Price: 450: -

Cooking class with and about seaweed - the new exciting food from the sea. Combine this course with a seaweed safari if you also want to learn how to harvest seaweed yourself.
The seaweeds are already harvested, so you just come hungry and curious! You will be provided ready-made recipes or find out for yourself. The recipes from the course will be sent out afterwards or given at the class. The day begins with a presentation of different types of seaweeds. We are in Catxalot's rustic Seaweed house on the harbor in Havstensund. Seafood is on the menu. Please let us know allergies etc in advance.
Time: about 4 hours.
Price: 800: -

Full-day workshop with seaweed harvesting by the sea and cooking.
From the contents: how seaweed multiply, how and where the different varieties growing, harvesting season, the nutrients they contain, tips on cooking, medical aspects. We also talk about the shore plants, oysters and mussels that we see along the way. Together we cook a dinner buffet of what we picked that provides plenty of inspiration for what to do with pliers.
Bring a snack bun / sandwich, scissors and bags and bathing suits and snorkel gear if weather for a swim. We boil coffee and tea on the beach.
Time: about 7 hours.
Price: 1450: -

Take a guided paddle trip in Grebbestad archipelago where it is close to the open sea. Here in the outer archipelago, the seaweed are the finest.
We look for seaweed, paddle at a slow pace and harvest from the kayaks. Using a special tool, we reach the varieties that grow a bit deeper.
From the content: how to forage, how and where different varieties grow, harvest season, what nutrients they contain, tips on cooking. Of course, we also like to tell you about the sea, the archipelago we are in and other things. We take a fika on an island.
Only 3 participants. The price includes kayak, chapel, life jacket, paddle, coffee and guided tours.
Take: scissors, bags, swimwear, rainwear, water shoes, water bottle, possibly snacks / nuts / sweets.
You need to paddle a few times before so you can concentrate on the picking of pickles.
Price on request for larger groups.
Time: 4.5 hours.
Price: 995: -

For small groups of up to 4 people, we can offer tailor made events with a nice old sailboat. The pearl is a small traditional jewel of wood, probably from Orusttrakten. She is 5m tall, has a creamy white and outboard engine, and is very nice! Only summertime.

The captain and the owner of the boat are Kim de Bruin who has the Vessel Commander Class VIII.

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In this movie you will see the Seaweed house on the right in the picture, when the boat comes through the narrow strait. Robert Dahlberg is a photographer from Havstenssund. You will be able to buy some of his photos from Tjurpannan in Tångbutiken this summer.

Join an island hiking on honey-dusting summer beds, rocks, beaches and flower moors.
We walk on Road 1188 which crosses the coarse islands of Trossö-Kalvö-Lindö at Havstenssund. We talk about the flowers and plants we pass, the history of the islands, the stories of the houses and the sea vegetable pliers. You will learn which seaweed and which flowers are good to eat.
Bring your own coffee / lunch, possibly. Cyclop and snorkel, scissors, bag. The price includes boat transport from and to Havstenssund. Arranged with Trossö Naturvård.
Time: 3 or 5-hour trips.
Price: 695: -

The finest skin care is your own. Seaweed bath, face masks and salt scrubs are simple and fun to make together. During this course, you will learn to make products for a beneficial facial and body treatment with pliers. You bring samples home, bring some small cans! Recipes sent out.
Time: about 2 hours.
Price: 750: -

Seaweed event for divers on Väderöarna.

You will learn how to find and harvest tang in a sustainable way. We tell you how seaweed is propagating, how and where different varieties grow, what nutrients they contain and many other exciting things. We make an afternoon buffet of what we picked, and you get a lot of inspiration for what to do with seaweed. The recipes from the course are sent out.
Collaboration with Dyk-Leif, Hamburgsund.

Seaweeds are beautiful. To show what can be made of seaweed we have a permanent art exhibition by Kerstin Hammarson.
Welcome to Tångmagasinet in Södra hamnen, Havstenssund!

Book a lecture with us! We can talk about seaweed, food, sustainability, skin care, health, maritime tourism, how we managed to work through or how we work.
We are experienced lecturers and have spoken at fairs, festivals, closed groups and for schoolchildren. Time: 15-45 min. Price on request.