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Catxalot [catch-a-lot] has had workshops, courses/classes and lectures on seaweed since 2014 for anyone who wants to learn to harvest and use seaweeds in a sustainable way. From 2020, we have a new offering.

Masterclass Seaweed foraging instructor course - see below
Seaweed consultant services - see below
Information search and research compilations on seaweed - see below

One of many magazines in witch we have been.
One of many magazines in witch we have been.


Finally, there is an education about seaweed for those who want to work with food, food tourism, foraging, outdoor cooking, knowledge-based experiences and nature as an experience! Catxalot has educated people about seaweed and its use since 2014, and is now starting a course for companies in, for example, natural tourism and food tourism who want to be able to talk about or use algae and seaweed in their existing or new events and experiences. This masterclass is also suitable for other industries and for private individuals who want to study algae and seaweed.

Seaweed can give your experience a new interesting dimension and is attractive to many. The target group is large and wide and is found among all occupational groups and genders. According to our experience, there is interest from the age of 20 up to retired, as well as among children. Foreign tourists also have a great interest in nature experiences, and in combination with food it becomes extra attractive. In fact, the combination of nature / adventure and food has become super hot!

The Seaweed foraging instructor course gives you the knowledge needed to start events, courses, experiences and adventures where seaweed is included. The course also gives you knowledge in how to use seaweeds in food and products. The course is suitable for companies in marine tourism, natural tourism, guide companies or food tourism. The course is also suitable for those who want to become foragers and sell seaweed to restaurants. Private individuals or companies in other industries, such as food that want to gain knowledge about seaweed, are also warmly welcomed.

The course covers species determination, breeding, harvesting, handling, application, cooking, medical research, sustainability issues, environmental toxins, drying, storage, processing and a little about cultivation. The goal is that you will have sufficient knowledge (or know where to find the answer) to be able to answer all the questions that are usually asked at an event etc about seaweed and that you should be able to give inspiration to others such as a guide. We know what is in demand and have already received all questions.

The course starts with a first online meeting where you get an introduction to the course and to seaweed. At the second online meeting we have a "cook-along" where we cook together with dried seaweed sent to you at the post along with a shopping list and recipes. The third meeting takes place in Grebbestad, where we go out to one or more islands and carry out the practical parts of the course. We cook lunch together on the island. You also get tastings on other suitable food with seaweed. You learn everything you need to know about edible seaweed to be able to guide people. The fourth and final meeting is online and dedicated to us discussing the course literature you read and your follow-up questions from the day at the lake. Each online meeting lasts a maximum of 40 minutes.

Minimum 1 participant, max 4. The course is given on request, ie when you can and have time! Few participants = full attention to you as a participant. You can influence the pace of study yourself by delaying the online meeting on the course literature. The course is very flexible and adapted to the time you can spend. You can choose whether you want to focus on food, cosmetics or medicine / health. When the course is done you get a diploma. 

The course includes:

  • a day by boat on the sea (in bad weather we are at the Tjurpanna nature reserve) with lunch, various tastings and coffee. If you do not want to snorkel you can be in the water to waist height. About 10-17 or according to your wishes.
  • rental of dry suit / wetsuit / waders, snorkeling set, life jacket and harvesting equipment.
  • an Opinel harvest knife no 10 that you can keep.
  • three online meetings, one of which is a cook-along (simultaneous cooking in front of the webcam in your device).
  • dried seaweed for your own experiments and cook-along sent to you together with recipes.
  • course compendium and literature list sent to you in the mail when the course fee is paid.
  • recipes
  • diploma after completed course.

Price 890€. Registration fee 150€ is payable on booking. The remaining amount is paid no later than two weeks before the course starts. In case of cancellation or sick leave up to seven days before the start of the course, everything except the registration fee will be refunded. Less than seven days before the start of the course, half the sum will be refunded upon cancellation / sick leave.

Location: Grebbestad, Sweden
Date: You can decide the date yourself. The best time for a day on the ocean is April-September. If you also want to learn edible beach plants, we recommend that you take the course from May to July.

If you need to stay overnight in Grebbestad - see accommodation offer with discount below! The list of what you should bring with you to the day on the lake is sent after you sign up. The course compendium and literature list will be sent when the registration fee is paid.

The course does not include administration, accounting, marketing and the like, but is a course that gives you knowledge about seaweed in order to work professionally with it.
Do you have questions? Contact: Linnéa Sjögren, Tel. +46 (0)70-9147299.



As a seaweed consultant, we provide guidance and assistance to restaurants and companies in the food industry and others. We help you with seaweed knowledge, guidance in choosing seaweed species for products and dishes, recipes, nutritional content, literature tips, information search and research compilations. We can also guide you to where to buy seaweed (Europe).

References / previous customers:
Clock Tower Distillery - Seaweed gin.
Various different chefs ahead of, among other, chef competitions such as Chef of the Year.

Contact for more info and price About Linnéa Sjögren.

Systematic information search and summaries of research on alges and seaweed

Do you need to know what science has come up with for example seaweed and iodine, heavy metals, nutrition, diseases, health? We do systematic search and summaries of research results for you. Based on your wishes, the assignment can result in everything from a search of public databases to processing and analysis of the result. The most comprehensive is that the search assignment results in us writing a summary of the research situation in a specific area.

Our Information search offers
The specified amount of time is for a "normal width" search.

  1. We provide you with a relevant search string that you use in public databases yourself. Time: 2 hours.
  2. We do the search for you and send the result in lump, unprocessed. Time: 3 hours.
  3. We go through the results, remove duplicates, go through everything and read abstract. We remove irrelevant items. Time: 15 hours. Ev. purchases of locked items will be added if desired.
  4. We read the full texts and write a summary of the research situation in the area. Time: 40 hours. Ev. purchases of locked items will be added if desired.
The information search and summaries are made by Jonas Pettersson.


You get a discount on the price of these hotels when you visit us:

Grebbestad hostel / mini-hotel
The hostel is very central to the community just a few meters from the quay. Breakfast you can buy yourself in the grocery store or eat at the nice café Sjögrens in Backen which is open every day of the week.

Hotel with restaurant, bath, spa etc. Located just a few meters from the sea - contact us for a discount code. Tanumstrand is located just south of Grebbestad's community. There is a nice walking and cycling route into the community (30 min).

Everts Boat House
Small hotel in a boathouse in Grönemad 2 km from Grebbestad city center. Very charming. Located directly on the beach.