Photo: Madeleine Landley
Photo: Madeleine Landley

About us

The interest in cooking with seaweed has grown strongly in recent years. Linnea Sjögren and Jonas Pettersson are burning to learn more about the exciting recource under the sea surface. Together they run the Catxalot company, picking wild seaweed from the Swedish Bohus Coast, selling to restaurants and shops, holding courses, walks and kayak tours about seaweed and food.

We started the company in 2014. It started with a strong desire to do something else. We both had a great interest in the sea and food, and started kayaking directly after we met. Just over a year later (June 2013) we had registered a company and prepared ourselves by studying marine biology and reading all that was about seaweed. In January 2014 we started running!

Business idea

We want to be the leading source of knowledge about seaweed as a food product in Sweden


I've dived with hammer sharks around Cocos Island, crocodiles outside Cuba and saw the manta rays dancing at Hanifaru in the Maldives. But despite that, I'm as childish happily every time I see a bunch of seals playing around the kayak in Bohuslän.
Love to introduce people to our wonderful nature above and below the surface. Please read my CV if you are curious about my background.

Find us

Drive to Havstenssund. At the Y-crossing - turn left towards "Silverknappen" and "Skaldjurscaféet" (Södra hamnen). There is a small parking space  and at the Y junction. Walk a few meters on the bridge south (left if you face the sea). Tångmagasinet is located on the bridge in the southern magazine in the southern harbor of Havstenssund. Blue shutters and blue door.


We want you to put your head under the water surface so you can see how beautiful it is, and thereby reconnecting with nature and the ocean. So you care more about it.


A lot of people knows that it is possible to eat seaweed and that it is extremely useful and ecologically sustainable. What you do not know is which varieties are the best and how they are harvested and cooked. I want to tell and show that.
Cooking and finding out new products and events is my thing. I grew up in Hamburgsund in northern Bohuslän and love the sea and food from it.
In February 2016, I left my job as a librarian in Gothenburg to become President of the company. I have worked extensively with social media, marketing, and education in the past. Here you can read more about my background.


Retailers in Grebbestad

  • The fish shop in Grebbestad
  • Greby Mejeri 
  • Keramiker Sanna Wijk 
  • Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad 
  • Pickles Grebbestad


info [at]
linnea [at]
Ph. Linnéa: +46 (0)70-914 72 99 

jonas [at]
Ph. Jonas: +46 (0)73-031 03 02

Corporate no: 559031-6088

Post address: Catxalot AB, Gata 23, 457 95 Grebbestad, Sweden

Photo: Stefan Edetoft
Photo: Stefan Edetoft
Photo: David Back
Photo: David Back
Photo: Katja Ragnstam
Photo: Katja Ragnstam