Seaweed from Sweden.
Seaweed foraging and cooking. 

Artisan food & Marine food tourism in West Sweden. 

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Photo Foraging equipment by Dan Isaac Wallin.


We show you what seaweed is good to eat, where to find it and how to use it.
We have workshops, lectures and walks about seaweed and shore plants for all who want to learn to harvest seafood for home use. Many of our events can be booked by companies and private groups.


From Love My Trips:

Besides world class seafood, quaint fishing villages and picturesque boat houses, Bohuslän also has edible seaweed. There are around 325 different types of seaweed in Sweden, of which about 20 are good to eat. They all have different characteristics, flavours and textures.

Seaweed contains many essential nutrients and vitamins, and can be eaten both fresh and dried. In Bohuslän it grows wild and is hand harvested by our seaweed divers.

Jonas Pettersson and Linnéa Sjögren run seaweed foraging and marine tourism company Catxalot on the Bohuslän coast. It’s all done sustainably and the seaweed grows back. They then clean it, dry it, prepare it and sell it to top restaurants, ecological and organic product retailers and sell their own small product range. You will find seaweed on the menu at some of the world best restaurants and it is a healthy and sustainable superfood.

Jonas and Linnéa also run seaweed cooking workshops that you can take part in, but first you should help them harvest the seaweed by diving for it – and they would love to show you how. Catxalot, pronounced ‘Catch-a-lot’, is all about “getting people to reconnect to the sea”.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a seaweed safari, and find out all there is to know about Swedish seaweed.


Seaweed safari
Lern which seaweeds that are good to eat, where to find them and how to harvest them in a sustainable manner. You will learn how seaweed multiply, how and where the different varieties growing, harvesting season, nutrients, tips on cooking. We also talk about the shore plants, oysters and mussels that we see along the way.
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Seaweed cooking class
Cook with seaweed, the sea's exciting new raw material. The seaweeds are already harvested so it is just to arrive hungry and curious! You will get to cook outside with recipes or invent your own one. The day will begin with a presentation of various seaweed varieties.
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Seaweed kayaking
A guided canoe trip in Grebbestads archipelago where it is close to the open sea. Here, in the outer archipelago you find the finest seaweed.
We paddle at an easy pace and forage from the kayaks. Using a special tool, we reach the varieties that grow deeper. Half or full day.
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Ocean SPA class 
The finest skin care is the one you make by yourself. Seaweed baths and masks, salty seaweed scrubs and nourishing wraps with seaweed is fun and easy to mess up. On this course you will learn to make products for a soothing facial and body treatment with seaweed.
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Do you want to sell Catxalot seaweed products? Please contact us. 

Nordic umami #1

A perfect blend of spices for pork, fish, poultry or seafood. Use in hot food, stews or breading.
Sugar kelp, red and yellow trumpet mushrooms, schalottenlök, parsley, pine shoots. 

Nordic umami #2

Spice mix that is good in hot and cold sauces, soups and stews of fish, poultry, pork, egg dishes, vegetables and seafood.
Atlantic wakame, wild garlic, parsley root, parsley, shallots, garlic.

Bohus furikake

Japanese spice mixture in Swedish. Serve with boiled rice, mashed potatoes, fish, seafood, roasted root vegetables, etc. Sugar kelp, sea grass, black & white sesame seeds, soy sauce.


We harvest a very small quantity of wild seaweed along the West coast of Sweden, from Koster Islands down to Styrsö. The seaweed is cut in a gentle way so as not to disturb the regrowth. 

Photo Sea lettuce by Stefan Edetoft

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