Seaweed adventures and seafood in Sweden

Catxalot [catch-a-lot] shows you what seaweed to eat, where to find it and how to use it. Our wish is that you will see and discover the beauty under the water, because what you love you care about.

We have workshops, classes, lectures, walks and excursions about seaweed and shore plants for everyone who want to harvest seafood for home use. We are working in the area that was ranked 7th among the world’s last great wilderness areas by CNN Travel.

You find us in Grebbestad and Havstenssund on the west coast of Sweden, right between Oslo and Gothenburg.


Adventures and classes


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Besides world class seafood, quaint fishing villages and picturesque boat houses, Bohuslän also has edible seaweed. There are around 325 different types of seaweed in Sweden, of which about 20 are good to eat. They all have different characteristics, flavours and textures.

Seaweed contains many essential nutrients and vitamins, and can be eaten both fresh and dried. In Bohuslän it grows wild and is hand harvested by our seaweed divers./.../
Catxalot run seaweed cooking workshops that you can take part in, but first you should help them harvest the seaweed by diving for it – and they would love to show you how. Catxalot, pronounced ‘Catch-a-lot’, is all about “getting people to reconnect to the sea”.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a seaweed safari, and find out all there is to know about Swedish seaweed.


- for us, it signals something that will keep in the future. What we do today can be done tomorrow as well as in 10 or 100 years without negative consequences. It shows everything we do.
It is absolutely central when we harvest wild-growing seaweeds. We do not take the seaweed with the roots. We do not use a lot of energy to dry what we picked. We dry it outdoors with the help of sun and wind, which also gives our products an even better taste. We are constantly thinking about how transports, warehousing and packaging can become more environmentally friendly, smarter and better.


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You find Caxalot right between Oslo, Norway and Gotheburg, Sweden. Travel options:

  • Fly to Oslo or Gothenburg. Rent a car and drive to Havstenssund (about 160 km).
  • Travel by train and bus from "Göteborg Central" to "Grebbestad busstation".
  • Take the bus from Oslo to Tanum were we can pick you up or you can book a taxi.
  • If you don´t have a car please contact us and we will try to pick you up in Grebbestad och Tanum Shoppingcenter/Tanum station-train station.